Idris Elba covers new wellness magazine and talks happiness

Idris Elba has appeared on the front cover of a new UK magazine’s first issue.

Balance Magazine is free and aims to inspire Londoners to live well. The first issue features articles an interview with ‘spiritual geezer’ Idris Elba.

“I’m not into the whole fame thing,” he says in the interview.

“I don’t have celebrity friends. I have the same ones I had from when I was a kid and for me, it’s about my family, it’s about my kids, what’s best for them.

“I would like to make my entire family happy and secure. That’s a lifelong dream of mine: to make them happy.”

Other articles include; Are you having conscious sex? and A first-timers guide to alternative dance.

The Balance Magazine team celebrated the launch by giving free hugs on the underground, performing a synchronised dance routine, and giving free massages in Soho square – one of London’s little patches of green among a sea of offices near Oxford Street.

Monthly issues of Balance Magazine will be handed out at London underground stations on a Monday. Find out more about the magazine here:

Featured image credit: USA Today


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