Galstronomy takes over our Instagram page

We love finding new places to eat, and if they induce Instagram-envy at the same time, then we’ve killed two birds with one stone.

That’s why an Instagram collaboration with our fave food blogging trio Galstronomy just had to happen.

But who is behind the mouth-watering Instagram feed?

“If you’re looking for a casual place to catch up with friends, or somewhere a bit more up-market Galstronomy has everything you need.


“Run by three friends @abxola @instagramjessica and @sharvihm who share a passion for good eating, Galstronomy is an Instagram exploration of some of the best places to eat in London and beyond.

“Combining a love of food with a love of travel, #Galstronomy also takes you on an adventure to some of the best places to eat across the world including Singapore, America, India, Iceland – the list goes on.

“Join the food adventures by following us on Instagram and find out what else we’ve got up our sleeve for our followers over the coming months!”


Can your hear our stomachs rumbling yet, or nah?

Check out the Instagram takeover on September 22nd from 12pm ET/5pm BST.


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