Bloggers of Colour shares great content from bloggers and journalists of colour through dedicated social media accounts.

We are more than just a retweet service, we actually read and share content sent to us, and articles we find elsewhere, and don’t prioritise those writers with higher follower counts.

To engage with our community even further, we host Twitter chats once a month to discuss different blogging topics with specialists in the field.


Bloggers of Colour was founded by journalist, blogger and model Phoebe Parke in November 2014.

She works with God to make Bloggers of Colour the best, and most supportive online community out there.

“I created Bloggers of Colour because of the frustration I felt after spending weeks creating an awesome blog post, publishing it and then not having anyone to read it.

“I wanted to create an online community that wasn’t pretentious, cliquey or only about bloggers who had already ‘made it’

“Bloggers of Colour is a place to share your work, find new bloggers of colour in different niches, and openly discuss topics relevant to the blogging community without judgement.”

Phoebe blogs over at: www.phoebeparke.com