Twitter Chats

Bloggers of Colour hosts Twitter chats once a month to discuss different blogging topics with specialists in the field.

Our next Twitter chat will take place on September 27.

See what happened at our previous Twitter chats below:

Race and Writing Edition (September 14) with Reni Eddo-Lodge:

Travel Edition (August 23) with Erick Prince:

Food Edition (August 3) with Angela Davis: 

Business Edition (July 12) with Mattie James: 

Social Media Edition (May 28) with Chakayla J Taylor: 

YouTube Edition (May 11) with Sincerely Oghosa: 

Finance Edition (April 27) with Danetha Doe:

Relationships Edition (April 6) with Oloni:

Faith Edition (March 23) with Doctor Kanayo:

Beauty Edition (February 24) with Aprill Coleman: